The SleeperSeat
Backrest Recline Technology
The SleeperSeat provides significantly greater backrest recline angles over that provided by existing passenger seats utilised in premium economy and economy class, offering more comfortable resting and sleeping positions for passengers on long haul flights. 

The base of the cushioned inner backrest moves forward, either manually or automatically, from the back of the seat whilst lowering to provide both back and lumbar support at any selected inner recline position, up to 145' when the standard seat-back is fully reclined for sleeping.  The seat cushion may also be brought forward.  Ideally suited for premium economy seating in view of the seat pitch normally provided, the passenger may then fully recline, albeit semi upright, upon extending the body and stretching the legs under the seat in front. The actual recline angle achievable is largely dependant upon the seat pitch, the ideal minimum being 32".  The greater the pitch available the greater the relevance for the SleeperSeat.  However, for a comfortable resting position it is not necessary to fully recline the seat-back, minimising the impact on the passenger behind whilst securing a higher level of comfort.

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