The Company

Based in Sydney, Australia, SleeperTech's creative team is focused on improving passenger comfort for rest and sleep on long haul flights through practical design and re-engineering of conventional premium economy and economy class seating. 

Prior to establishing this venture, the founder of SleeperTech successfully developed and patented technology for the control of emissions which was applied to various facilities around the world by his environmental engineering company.

Having travelled extensively on long haul flights over many years, in relative discomfort at times, he recognised from an engineering perspective that aircraft seating comfort could be greatly improved, at little cost in terms of both hardware and space. He subsequently devised an approach which readily provides a high level of sleeping comfort for passengers in confined spaces. This approach is now incorporated within the SleeperSeat design, inclusive of the unique backrest which can be readily applied to premium economy and economy class seating.

Design Rationale
There has been many advances in seat design in recent times, both in first class and in business class, but little in premium economy and even less in economy class.

With a view to bringing about a change to this anomaly, the Australian Company has designed an aircraft seat, the SleeperSeat, to enable passengers to secure significantly greater and more comfortable angles of recline for resting and sleeping within the limited space provided.  It is unique in that it does allow the torso and legs to be readily straightened and fully extended at >135' when travelling in premium economy with the seat pitch normally provided, and superior comfort  in economy class on long haul flights, where the seat pitch is greater than 32".  

Studies have shown that stresses on the spine are most evenly distributed when resting with a posterior angle of >135', ie., between the torso and thigh.  The angle offered by a standard reclined seat is generally up to about 120'.  The SleeperSeat readily provides the desirable recline angle between the torso and thigh of >135', or any angle between 110' and >145', with an appropriately engineered SleeperSeat. The greater the seat pitch the greater the relevance for the SleeperSeat.