SleeperTech's creative team is focused on improving passenger comfort considered necessary to enhance rest and sleep on long haul flights, through practical design and re-engineering of conventional premium economy and economy class seating. This has led to the development of the SleeperSeat & SleeperPad forward reclining inserts, designed to be applied to new & existing premium economy & economy class seat platforms.

Redefining comfort on long haul flights

The design incorporates a patented forward reclining backrest within a seat-back.  The backrest is brought forward to the desired recline position, achieving significantly greater recline angles with full back support & side head support, providing high levels of comfort to premium economy and economy class seating.

Why apply the SleeperSeat & SleeperPad Forward Reclining Seat Inserts?

  • The forward reclining backrest incorporated provides significantly greater backrest recline angles and thus a unique level of comfort for passengers travelling in premium economy & economy class on long haul flights.
  • Readily provides the optimal recline angle of 135° for resting & sleeping, at a seat pitch of 32”.
  • Provides comfortable support for the side of the head when reclined.
  • Backrest recline angles of up to 145° can also be applied with a seat pitch of 38”. 
  • Allows full body & leg extension for a more comfortable sleeping position on long haul flights where seat pitch is >32".
  • Offers a variety of recline positions, at angles greater than that of standard seats.
  • Maximum recline angle achievable without additional impact or further intrusion on passenger behind.
  • Comfortable backrest recline angles also achievable without reclining the seat-back.
  • Fully functions within existing seat footprints and the area generally available for long haul flights.
  • May be applied with little if any increase in weight upon changeout
  • Custom engineered to suit particular applications